Specialized Testing


In addition to the standard laboratory tests that are used by most practitioners, there are other tests that give us a more precise view of what is happening with your biochemistry and physiology. The list below provides an outline of some of those tests.

Individualized Nutrient Assessment

Several methods of assessing nutrient needs are available. Each of these methods help us customize our nutrient recommendations for you.

Body Composition and Cellular Health Analysis

A Bioimpedance Analyzer is the instrument that we use to determine the precise percentages of muscle, water, and fat in your body. It also gives us an excellent marker of cellular health known as the phase angle and tells us the distribution of the water in your body (how much is inside the cells versus how much is outside the cells). This information is extremely important in tracking the progress of someone who is battling with a chronic disease or who is interested in changing their body composition through weight and nutritional management.

Testing for Environmental Toxins

Blood, hair, urine and stool can all be utilized to evaluate your toxic burden. We work with laboratories that employ the latest technology to detect chemicals, metals or biological agents that may be challenging your health. Having that information helps us tailor your treatment plan.

Cellular Age Analysis

The length of the telomeres on your DNA is an indicator of your cellular age. We can use state-of-the-art testing to assess your telomere length and determine if your cellular age is younger than, older than, or a match with your chronological age. We can use this information to adjust your treatment and track your progress.

Genetic Testing

Simple blood or tissue testing can provide invaluable information about your risks for certain diseases and identify specific weaknesses in the biochemistry of your detoxification pathways. With this knowledge, we can pinpoint certain interventions that can have a major impact on your recovery from or prevention of disease.